Yoga & Meditation in Roraima

26 December 2017 - 4 January 2018


Take a break and allow yourself to be in nature. Breathe and improve your connection to your inner world. Renew your vital energy, bringing peace to your mind and health to your body from the top of the sacred Mount Roraima.


A stunning trail along the Gran Sabana with the incredible view of Roraima will connect us to nature before reaching the top. We'll explore the top for four days. At the top, we will experience natural ponds, caves, a waterfall, and the triple point of frontier between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.


Days: 10
Difficulty level: Medium
Trekking: 4-5 hours/day




The retreat, 'Yoga & Meditation in Mount Roraima', was done to set the intention to 'Recover our Original Vibration' and bring calmness and clarity to our mind. The program will allow you to experience the deep connection with nature and recharge your vital energy. Our greatest guru (master) is nature. Cultivating silence helps enrich this experience.


The program involves walking meditation, relaxation with focus on breathing, yoga, and silent meditation, allowing you to open a space beyond the mind and connect with your true source of wisdom.


Our trip to Roraima begins in Boa Vista. Here we take a van to Paraitepui, the nearest indigenous community of Roraima. We rest the first night to gather energy for the adventure that awaits us. This is where we start walking. We walked the trails of the Sabana for two days before arriving at the base of the mountain. The journey to the base leads us to unforgettable views of Sabana, endemic flora and fauna and various rivers. We came to the top through an arduous trail and spent two days there. The local experienced guide will lead us through unimaginable rocky formations, caves, a waterfall that forms in a deep hole, and the triple boundary point. In the next two days, we return to Paraitepui, where we take transportation to Boa Vista. 


Travel Highlights

Indulge in the present moment, connecting with ancient practices of yoga and meditation.

Relax your mind with meditative walks to Roraima through the stunning Sabana.

Dive into two magnificent rivers along the walk.

Explore the top of Roraima for 3 days with specialists, local guides.

Bathe in a natural lake at the top of Roraima.

Camp in half-caves.

Stunning views of the top: the Sabana, ancient rocks, magnificent caves, and a valley of crystals, among others.


Description of Activities

  • Group Initial Pulse
  • Sensitization of each person's vibration at the present moment.

- Guided Meditation

- Hand positions (mudra) 

- Active Listening

- Tibetan Bowl

  • Meditative walks: daily walks of 4-5 hours in nature, practicing walking meditation, opening our senses to nature and developing mindfulness. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Mount Roraima and the surrounding beauties of Gran Sabana, bathe in the rivers, meditate and rest.
  • Yoga: It combines consciously the exercises of breathing (Pranayama), and postures (asanas) to balance the glandular system, to strengthen the nervous system, to expand the pulmonary capacity, and to purify the blood. This practice brings balance to the body, mind and soul.
  • Release the Voice: Intonation. The human voice is the most powerful instrument to transmute pain and suffering into radiant well-being. Mantras: Expands the vocal record with psyche integration to heal. 
  • Satsang: It begins with a group discussion with questions and answers based on the participants' direct experience, followed by meditative sounds to rest the mind. It ends with a silent meditation. 
  • Silent Meditation: there will be space for slient meditation, guided for those who are beginning the practice or those who want to update their practices of meditation. There will be time for individual consultations if you have personal questions and queries about the practice. 
  • Sound of Positive Thinking: music. Sound is a wave transporter of consciousness: intention. FREQUENCY + INTENTION = HEALING 
  • Moon Salutation: during the Full Moon of January 1st.
  • Integration. Closure of the retreat.

All activities are optional and are subject to change depending on the group. To get the most out of your retreat, it is advisable to take part in all scheduled activities.



10% Discount - before November 25, USD$565, installments up to 5x, with no interest, by bank transfer (provided that the first installment is paid when you reserve your spot and the last installment is paid up to 10 days before the trip).

Full Price- after November 25, USD$625, installments up to 5x, with no interest, by bank transfer (provided that the first installment is paid when you reserve your spot and the last installment is paid up to 10 days before the trip).


After completing the reservation request through our website, we will send you an email with the payment details.









Room, 1 night

Camping, 8 nights


Day 1: Arrival to Boa Vista and ground transportation to Paraitepui.

Day 2: Hiking to the first camp in the Kukenan River.

Day 3: Walks through the monumental views of the Gran Sabana to base camp.

Day 4: Trekking through the walls of Roraima.

Day 5: An astonishing hike to the Brazilian side will take us through the Crystals’ Valley and the natural ponds.

Day 6: Visit to the triple border point and The Pit.

Day 7: Visit to La Proa, Gladys lake, and the triple point.

Day 8: Explore the Window to Kukenan, the Cathedral fall, the Abyss, and the natural ponds.

Day 9: Descend  to the Tek River.  

Day 10: Descend to Paraitepui. Ground transportation to Boa Vista.

Our Services

Assistance at the Boa Vista international airport.

Ground transportation and return from Boa Vista to Paraitepui.

Accommodations: In a room for 1 night and 8 nights camping.

Professional, bilingual and local guide throughout the walk.

All meals during the trek. (Vegetarian menu)

Porter for tents, food and kitchen utensils.

Mobile WC.

Radio communication for emergencies.

Tepuy Trek provides the following equipment:

Group First Aid Kit.

Sleeping Mat for insulation.


Kitchen utensils.

Camp stove and fuel.

Large containers of water.

Garmin GPS Portable.

Additional services at an additional cost:

Porter for personal luggage.

Satellite phone.